Services-Bridal Makeovers in Delhi

Our talented team of makeup artists in Delhi will take care of all your beauty wishes for your special day.

bridegroom makeovers in delhi

Bridal & Groom Makeup in Delhi

Bridal makeup, engagement makeup, roka makeup, party makeup, cocktail and Bridegroom makeup.

bridal makeovers in delhi

Pre-Bridal & Groom Services in Delhi

Facials, bleach, waxing, body polishing, hair-cut, manicures, pedicures and hair treatments.

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Beauty Salon in Delhi

Facials, clean-ups, bleach, waxing, body services, body polishing, manicures, pedicures etc.

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Hair Services in Delhi

Hair-cut, global colour, highlighting, balyage, omre, keratin, smootening, moisture therapy and all hair treatments.

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Brands We Use

We use all the top brands like : Casmara, O3+, Lotus, G.K, L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, RILA, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Naked, Chanel, Huda Beauty.

Makeup Courses in Delhi

Preeti & Pooja Makeovers is renowned Makeup Academy in Delhi. It is an ideal platform for those seeking career in makeup industry.We offers various makeup courses in Delhi.

bridegroom makeovers in delhi

Personal Grooming Course(8 Days)

bridal makeovers in delhi

Basic to Bridal(6 Weeks)

beauty salon in pitampura

Crash Course(10 Days)

unisex salon in delhi

Basic to Advance(2 Months)

About Best Bridal Makeup Artsit in Delhi

Preeti & Pooja is the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi

best bridal makeovers in delhi

Our love for beauty and makeup started at young age, we took trainings and learned from various celebrity makeup artists, who were well connected with Media and Film Industry. After learning various techniques and tricks, we entered the field of Beauty and Makeup.

In last 11 years we have worked with many Big Brands, Top Models and Celebrities. We provide high class services for all occasions like wedding, engagement, reception, parties, photo-shoots, fashion shows, music videos and print advertisements etc.

We started our journey in the field of makeup and beauty from a small Salon in Pitampura, New Delhi in 2005, We now have multiple high class salons at 3 different locations with all modern facilities, technologies and equipments.

Preeti & Pooja Makeovers is renowned beauty salon in Delhi, Famous for the contribution it has done in the world of Makeup, Beauty & Hair Services. Our top priority is to find the perfect look and product that matches our client’s taste. Whether the event calls for elegant, timeless, dramatic or bold look, we ensure that you look your best on your special day.

We feel that every woman should get attention and compliments by people on her big day and we work very hard to achieve the same for you.

"Do you feel bored with yourself, lost your confidence? Not to worry, you can make yourself feel like a million dollars in no time - you just need to give yourself a little time with Preeti & Pooja Makeovers."

Gone are those days when women would go to some local salon or a beauty parlor for their bridal hairdo’s and makeup. Now, everyone hires a professional who is aware of all the latest trends, uses the best international brands, and can really transform your face by saying bye-bye to a cakey, overly made-up face. The tremendous pressure of looking good has increased, hah thanks to high-definition photography,videography and numerous social networking sites.

Bridal makeup these days is realistic and trendy. Every bride wants to look flawless on their wedding with smooth finished, long lasting, lighter and water resistant make-up. Now, any smart bride would know- the best bridal trousseau of her could go all in vain if you don’t have a good bridal makeup artist to help you look your best on your big day. So, if the wedding bells are striving and you are lucky enough to be a Delhi-ite, you got yourself a great deal! We are Preeti&Pooja makeovers, one of the best bridal makeovers in Delhi. Successfully running as a unisex salon in Pitampura, Delhi since 2005, we have transformed approximately 1000 brides into beauties and helped them feel special on their wedding day.

Recent Work

Here are some of our recent work.

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  • Engagement
  • Party Makeup

Best Freelancer Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Preeti & Pooja Makeovers offers best freelancer bridal makeup services in Delhi. Makeup by Preeti & Pooja is known for her expertise in Bridal makeup with their professional experience of 15 years .We understand the art of makeup which is used to enhance your features. All kinds of looks from traditional to modern are available. We initially notice your bare features and then do the best to enhance your look.. We use all latest technology which are used to enhance your beauty for memorable events. Due to proficient experience of various makeup techniques they are one of the best freelancer bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR.

They are specialize in wedding, reception, engagement, regular makeup and has served about 2000+ brides across the Delhi. You can book your appoinment in order to get best freelancer bridal makeup artist at your doorsteps. We provide both studio and on-site bridal makeup services in Delhi. In order to book bridal makeup artist services, visist: PU-11 Pitampura,Delhi-34.


Now, we also have begun the makeup courses in Delhi for students who want to learn makeup and express their talent. In the experience of the last 11 years, we have done makeup on top celebrities models and brides, and during these makeup sessions, we have learned so much that we feel this knowledge of experience needed to be shared with everybody who wants to learn makeup. In this makeup course in Delhi, we will start as a rookie to the advance level makeup artist. So, now we are starting new batches where we teach you makeups, tricks, and tips, the latest technologies used in the industry with professional certificates. We also help you to be perfect at every step of the makeup course in Delhi. Makeup is not only about to beautify the things but this also helps in creativity and urge to express something new within you and we embrace the power of makeup not as a beautification but as a symbol of creativity patience and talent. If you possess any of the willingness to learn so this makeup course in Delhi is for you.

Makeup course in Delhi has 4 courses, you can choose any of it to learn makeup.

  1. Personal Grooming Course(8 Days)
  2. Basic to Bridal (6 Weeks)
  3. Crash Course (10days)
  4. Basic to Advance (2months)

Come and Learn makeup from Preeti pooja makeovers and become an expert today.

Pooja & Preeti Makeovers got you covered for every occasion

Bridal Makeovers

“On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful” – Bobbi Brown (American Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer)

Pooja and Preeti Makeovers provide unique and gorgeous Bridal Makeovers to every would-be wife who wants to seem the most beautiful and elegant on her special day. We provide the best bridal makeover service in Pitampura, Delhi. We focus on creating a durable, beautiful look on camera and beneath the stark lights, and artistically applied to enhance your Natural Features. We have the best makeup artists in Delhi, Even if the Bridal makeup look is simple, our makeup artists would still spend more time to make sure everything looks beyond perfect. The bridal makeup by Pooja & Preeti Makeover has a smooth, second-skin finish which tends to feel light on the skin. It's lightweight and long-lasting, so it'll stay put for more than 4 to 5 hours. For those who want to learn from the best Bridal Makeover Artists in Delhi, we also provide the Best Bridal Makeover Course in Pitampura, Delhi.

Engagement Makeovers

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.” – Bobbi Brown (American Singer, Songwriter, and Dancer)

Pooja & Preeti makeovers provide elegant and beautiful Engagement Makeovers for the special would-be brides who want to look Simple yet Gorgeous on their Engagement Day. We provide the Best Engagement Makeover Service in Pitampura, New Delhi. We emphasize a cosmetic routine that is neither as light as a party makeover nor as heavy as a bridal makeover. Although Engagement Makeup is not as complex as Bridal Makeup, our Engagement Makeup Artists still take the time to ensure that our customers seem as naturally beautiful as possible. We have the best Engagement Artists in Delhi who are solely dedicated to giving you an Engagement Makeover which will help you in capturing the best moments of your Engagement Day. Pooja & Preeti Makeover's bridal makeup features a smooth, second-skin finish that feels light on the skin. It's light and long-lasting, so it'll stay in place for at least 5 hours. We also offer the Top Engagement Makeover Course in Pitampura, Delhi for those who wish to learn from the best Engagement Makeover Artists in Delhi.

Party Makeovers

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Marilyn Monroe (American Actress, Model, and Singer)

Pooja & Preeti Makeovers offer stunning and exquisite Party Makeovers for those who want to be carefree and enjoy every moment of the party to the fullest. We provide the Best Party Makeover Service in Pitampura, New Delhi. Covering up your natural skin tone or utilizing colorful palettes when applying party makeup is no longer necessary in our experience. Instead, we prefer neutral make-up, which is trendier these days and highlights your best features with minimal to no cosmetics. We provide several types of Party Makeup for our Party Queens, from a basic child's birthday party to a bachelor party. The Party makeup by Pooja & Preeti Makeover has a sparkling, glossy surface that feels soft on the skin. It is both light and long-lasting. For those who want to learn from the top Party Makeover Artists in Delhi, we also offer the Top Party Makeover Course in Pitampura, Delhi.